Naz Collection Rosegold Northern Star String Bracelet

Naz Collection Rosegold Northern Star String Bracelet

Naz Collection USA

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Naz Collection everyday use and adjustable Gold played Norther Star String Bracelet! I specialize in custom designs and as soon as I get your order, I will ask for your size and color preference and design them and send to you. I also design these bracelets for little girls. I can make special designs to be worn by both mother and daughter at the same time. They can be given as gifts for mothers and daughters, sisters or a close friends. In ancient Mediterranean cultures, the evil eye bracelets are believed to provide protection from the envious eyes of others and ensure physical well-being. Please let me know which color you like. If you need to see more pictures, please let me know. Please be advised that all payments MUST be made by PayPal ONLY. Please remember that all sales are final. Ask as many questions as you wish, as I am more than happy to answer all your questions. If you would like to order more than 10 piece please ask for your special discount price. THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT MY DESIGNS.

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